The South African Go Clubs Temporary Site

Website Migration

We are in the middle of a website migration and update, but still very active with tournaments and club meetings. If you’re new to SAGO, find info below about how to find a club meeting near you. If you’re an old hand, see the link below to check your current rank.

The Cape

The Cape Town club meets on Tuesday evenings from 19h00 (Cape Town time) at Cafe Ganesh, Trill Road, Observatory. If you want more information, or directions to the venue, e-mail Andrew Davies or phone him on (w) 021 700 7086 / (h) 021 712 3204. Alternatively, join the CTGo Yahoo! Group and Mailing List.

The Stellenbosch club meets on an ad-hoc basis, but players regularly attend the Cape Town club evening. You can get in touch with the Stellenbosch players by joining their mailing list . You can subscribe here.


The Joburg club meets frequently, but on a variety of days and using various venues. If you want to hear about the next meeting, contact Andre Connell.

To join the Pretoria or Joburg mailing lists, also contact Andre Connell.

Other Regions

We have active players in various other regions within South Africa. There are also SAGA rated tournaments hosted on internet Go servers to allow players outside the Cape and Gauteng to receive SAGA ratings. If you’re interested to learn more about Go in your region, contact us.

Current Player Ratings

If you have a SAGA rating, check your rank here.